Tracee Padilla

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One of our focuses here at Unveiled Living for 2024 is to take on this year with three words that keep coming to mind during my prayer time:

  1. Overcome: To triumph in competition or conflict; to navigate and conquer challenges successfully; to prevail over obstacles.

  2. Accomplish: To achieve success in undertaking tasks; to carry out and complete objectives.

  3. Flourish: To thrive, grow, and prosper; to experience a period of high productivity and well-being.

    When we choose to overcome the giants that are standing in our way leads us to the path of accomplish the calling that God has placed on each of our lives. And when we reach that point is when we are flourishing and growing in the place God meant for us to be. And that is where we are heading this year. Not just for my life personally, but in this ministry. Overcoming giants, accomplishing the will of the Father, and flourishing in that calling in God's full abundance and provision.

    Let's pause for a moment and take a stroll down the shoe aisle because, honestly, who doesn't love a good shoe shopping adventure? While we're basking in the joy of shoes (my love language), let's dive into a quick talk about something pretty significant - our calling.

    Calling ~ We often connect that term with those that are in ministry like pastors and worship leaders. But let's flip the script and tune into what Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 1:2. He's telling the Corinthians, "I am writing to God's church in Corinth, to you who have been CALLED by God to be his own holy people. He made you holy by means of Christ Jesus, just as He did for all people everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours." Being called by God is not just for the ministry; it is for everyone called by God. No titles required, it's about being His holy people, set apart through the transformative power of Christ, Wrap your head around that! This calling extends to all who call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, transcending boundaries and weaving every believer into God's grand plan.

    So, my friend, guess what? You're on God's VIP list, and that thought? It lights up my face!

    The Problem-Solver.

    Now, let's shift gears and tackle the real and raw of everyday life - those messy challenges we all face. While embracing authenticity has always been a personal motto of mine, I also believe it's essential to break free from the cycle of daily challenges that plague our hearts and minds such as defeat, shame, guilt, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, angered, bitter, and the list goes on. While I know it's not easy because I have several of those t-shirts in my Goodwill pile, I also realize that it's totally possible to overcome. How, you ask? By shifting our focus from the 'problem' to the 'problem-solver'—Jesus. That is the key to truly overcoming, accomplishing, and flourishing. And while some may think I'm crazy for saying this next line, that isn't going to stop is 100% possible to overcome the daily battles we face. If it weren't the the power of God would be for nothing but every single time I open up the word of God my jaw drops as chapter after chapter reveals the power and might that our Heavenly Father has. Beyond our wildest imagination! And the crazy amazing thing is, Jesus LIVES IN US so we have access to the Kingdom of God every single day we live!

    Launching into this year with our gaze locked on Jesus, the ultimate problem-solver is the game-changer; turning our everyday battles into straight-up victories!!

    Don't Do This.

    Sometimes we need reminded that the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, targeting our identity, joy, love for the Lord, passion, dreams, our families, friendship, marriages, and pursuit of holiness, to name a few.

    Here are three big 'Don'ts' we gotta keep in mind from John 10:10. It's like a daily reminder for the real and raw fight we're in, the reason behind all the daily battles we face:

    1. Don't let him steal: Your identity in Christ, your joy, love for the Lord, passion, life, thought life, God-given dreams, and pursuit of holiness.

    2. Don't let him kill: Your dreams, visions, your calling, and desire to draw closer to God and be a warrior for His kingdom.

    3. Don't let him destroy: our life encompassing all the above.

    All of this is to destroy one thing: God's calling on your life.

    The Lord Fights For You.

    Let's be real. Let's be raw. It's crucial to be transparent about the nitty-gritty of everyday life and the battles we face. But here's the deal - we can't afford to set up camp there. If I'm being straight with you, we tend to get stuck in that spot more often than we should. The snag lies in where we're locking our gaze onto. Remember what I mentioned earlier - is it the problem or the problem-solver? The CHAIN BREAKER!

    Never, ever forget this: no matter what we're up against, there is a God in Heaven battling for us every single day we're breathing. "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." NIV And check out the NLT version, "The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." Exodus 14:14

    Keep this in mind as you navigate the journey of overcoming, accomplishing, and flourishing.

    God's works in ways we can never imagine - He takes down giants with a smooth stone (David & Goliath - 1 Samuel 17), knocks out armies with the breaking of clay jars (Gideon and the Midianites - Judges 6-7), and brings down walls with the shout of our praise (Jericho Walls - Joshua 6).

    When it comes to your real and raw battles in this life don't look for earthly solutions - instead, turn your eyes to God. Trust HIM to handle your battles as you navigate your way into the CALLING He's placed in your life! As you face the unknowns of 2024, fixing your eyes on Jesus will lead you to overcoming, accomplishing, and flourishing. And that my friend, is right where God wants you!

    Carry on 2024!! We are coming for you with our spiritual weapons of warfare to declare that this IS THE YEAR OF THE LORD!

    ~ Tracee Padilla