You Can Be Free

In her powerful and practical book, You Can Be Free, Kirby Kelly addresses the often hidden struggle with habitual sin that many Christians face. Through her own experiences and biblical wisdom, Kelly provides readers with a roadmap to reclaiming their freedom and peace through God's strength.

Breaking the Cycle

Are you tired of the endless spirals of self-destructive sin? Do you feel trapped in a cycle that seems impossible to break? Kelly understands this battle firsthand and offers a beacon of hope. She presents a battle plan that guides readers through actionable steps to break free from the grip of recurring sin. This is not just a theoretical guide but a hands-on, tactical approach to overcoming the patterns that hold us back.

Practical, Tactical Advice

Kelly's book is rich with strategies that are both practical and deeply rooted in scripture. Each chapter is designed to equip readers with tools to:

  • Overcome temptation by recognizing and addressing the root causes.

  • Silence shame and defeat by embracing God's grace and forgiveness.

  • Set and stick with healthy boundaries to safeguard your progress.

  • Step out of isolation and into community where healing and support thrive.

  • Know yourself, your Enemy, and your God to fortify your defenses against sin.

  • Fight for victory, from victory! leveraging the triumph Jesus has already secured.

Real-Life Application

Kelly doesn’t just stop at offering advice; she invites readers into her personal journey, sharing her own battles and victories over habitual sin. This vulnerability and honesty make her guidance relatable and attainable. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of God’s promises and the practical steps she outlines.

The Path to True Freedom

You Can Be Free is more than a book; it’s a lifeline for anyone caught in the cycle of sin. Kelly’s blend of theology, hope, and practical advice empowers readers to break free and stay free. This book is a must-read for those seeking to overcome the disappointments of repeated failures and to live in the freedom and peace that God promises.

My Personal Reflections

One of the most profound insights I gained from this book is the reminder that Jesus is our advocate. He represents us in our sin and sets us free. No matter what internal battles we face daily—whether it’s negative self-talk or speaking lies about ourselves that aren't aligned with God’s Word—we must remember that Jesus stands for us. We often wake up and beat ourselves down with lies from the enemy, but the reality and truth are that God has given us an advocate in Jesus. He is our defense, our peace, and our truth. He is the one who sets us free from whatever weight we carry.

Additionally, we often think of sin as the deeper, darker issues but fail to recognize that sin manifests in many different forms. Gossip, tearing down others, speaking negatively over yourself, harboring unforgiveness for years, feeling hate towards others—these are all sins that Jesus wants to set us free from. When we don't address these seemingly smaller sins, they can lead to deeper issues, leaving a trail of shame, guilt, and regret.

Another crucial point Kelly emphasizes is the importance of cultivating a safe community where believers can reveal their struggles, no matter how deep they are. Sadly, many communities fail to remember that Jesus came to set people free. He came to help us grow in freedom, to lift the veil from our faces—knowing that what's underneath is an ugly mess. But yet, through the power of salvation, He purifies our lives and positions us to walk from glory to glory. As sisters in Christ, we must learn to stand for each other, creating an atmosphere where we can lift one another up in the battles of daily temptation and destructive habits. We all face these struggles, and we need each other to overcome them.

This truth has profoundly impacted me, reminding me to turn to Jesus in every struggle, recognizing that He fights on my behalf and offers true freedom.


Kirby Kelly’s You Can Be Free is a beacon of hope and a practical guide for breaking the chains of habitual sin. It offers a comprehensive battle plan grounded in biblical truth and personal experience, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to live in the victory and freedom that Jesus has already won for them. Through this journey, readers will learn to connect and confess, stay within safe boundaries, and understand the spiritual dynamics at play. They will be equipped to set clear zones for their thoughts and actions, and most importantly, to turn back to God, makeover their minds, and embrace the community and support necessary for true freedom.

This book is a must-read for those who are tired of the same cycles and are ready to embrace the freedom that Jesus offers.

Living life unveiled,

~ Tracee Padilla

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