Empowering women to live life unveiled in the freedom that God gave us.

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Unveiled Living is a vibrant community of women who fiercely love Jesus, wrestle with real-life challenges, and embrace the messy yet beautiful journey of faith. Our mission is deeply rooted in the words of 2 Corinthians 3:16-19, where the veil is lifted as we turn to the Lord, revealing His freedom and transforming us into reflections of His glory.

We are passionate about creating a space where faith meets real life. Our stories of redemption resonate with the beats of our hearts, and together, we navigate the highs and lows, sharing in each other's victories and supporting one another through life's challenges.

This is a place where authenticity thrives, faith is deepened, and God's love shines brightly in every way.

"But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

Everything we do here is with you in mind.

Welcome to Living Life Unveiled.

Who We Are

Unveiled Living E-Mag is more than words on a page.

Through the pages of every quarterly edition, we invite you to dive into the raw, unfiltered beauty of God’s redeeming love. It's here that we find the courage to be vulnerable, the strength to face our struggles head-on, and the sheer joy of living authentically in His grace.

Our E-mag is all about creating a space where faith intersects with real life, where our stories of redemption echo the heartbeat of every woman. Every story, every struggle, every triumph - they all weave together to form the fabric of our shared experience. While our lives may be different, we discover our stories are similar, and through that, we find an atmosphere of growth and inspiration to become all that God has aspired us to be. And the amazing thing about this is that we get to walk this journey together. Straightening one another's crowns for His glory.

Let's embark on this life-changing journey together, discovering the true beauty of living life unveiled in the freedom that God has given us.

Digital Magazine


Our Spring Edition Digital Magazine is LIVE!

Imagine this: a life once shackled by mistakes, doubts, and heartaches, now set free by the precious ranson paid through Christ’s sacrifice. That’s the essence of apolutrosis - a beautiful reminder that in Jesus, we find our true liberation and a fresh start every single day - AND THAT is the focus of our Spring Edition - Apolutrosis = Redemption.

We are honored to feature Sheila Harper, Founder and President of SaveOne—an impactful abortion recovery ministry that is changing lives globally. Sheila's journey from the heart and the remarkable impact of SaveOne highlight the transformative power of God's love.

Joining Sheila are our phenomenal Unveiled Living writers: Kathleen Knapp, Tricia Clark, Tiffany Thompson Snyder, Margarita Beck, Teresa Miller, Carmen Chase, Megan Wilczek, Janice Conyers, and Jessica Locklear Thompson. Each writer brings a unique perspective on the most incredible love story ever told—the power of God's redemption.

Don't miss out on diving deep into the transformative power of God's love through these captivating stories. Share this edition with your friends and family to spread the light of Jesus far and wide.

Access your copy now and let the journey begin! (And don't forget to share to family and friend!)

Spring E-Mag

Our E-Mag is available every quarter, and it comes to you free of charge. However, if you've found inspiration and blessing in our digital magazine and ministry, we warmly invite you to consider financial supporting us. Your generosity plays a vital role in sustaining our mission to deliver God-inspired life stories and encouragement to you and other woman all around the world.

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Heart Talk with Tracee Vlogs

Join Tracee on our YouTube channel where we dive into topics that matter—from navigating everyday life challenges to learning how to grow in your everyday walk with God. Expect inspiring interviews, honest discussions, and a sprinkle of humor to brighten your day.

And hey, who knows? You might even catch a blooper reel or two where we keep it real and laugh at ourselves along the way!

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, join our community, and let's embark on this journey of faith and fun together.

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Living an empowered life means tapping into the strength, courage, and confidence we draw from our walk with God who designed us to rise and embrace our true purpose for such a time as this.

Empowered Living Blog

Unveiled Living Mission

Pursue Worship

Intimate Encounters with the Lord led by Tracee Padilla on Keys/Vocals & Edwin Padilla on Guitar, Cello & Bass.

Welcome to Heart Talk with Tracee, your go-to podcast for spiritual growth & discovering God's joy in the middle of life's ups and downs. Bringing you 'unplugged' authentic conversations that will help catapult you into a stronger walk with God with the ultimate goal of learning how to conquer our giants, one at a time.

Head on over to our Heart Talk Podcast page here for more info!

Heart Talk 'Unplugged' Podcast

Imagine looking at the backside of a beautiful tapestry - it appears messy, with loose threads and knots. But when you turn it around, you're greeted with a breathtaking image full of color and texture, skillfully woven by a master weaver.

Our lives are like tapestries, with both front and back telling stories. In this video series brought to you by Brite Light Media Productions along with Unveiled Living, we explore the stories of women who have weathered challenging seasons. These narratives reveal the artistry of the Master weaver, skillfully guiding their paths according to His divine design.

Come, join us in celebrating the handiwork of God in our lives through these stories. Discover inspiration and the realization that He has a unique plan for each of us. Regardless of life's difficulties, God possesses the extraordinary ability to transform our challenges into something truly beautiful.


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